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Centre of excellence for FPGA and I/O solutions

What we do

We design and manufacture rugged FPGA and SoC processing and data conversion boards for demanding military, aerospace, high-end industrial programs and communications. Our products are designed and manufactured in compliance with IPC Class 3 requirements. We offer licenseable IP for hardware and software products, supporting our customers to deliver uncompromised technology to their clients.

Product design

We perform in-house design and development of COTS FPGA and SoC boards and technology. Additionally to FPGA and SOC products, we have a lot of experience in high-rate ADC, DAC and RF transceiver product design. Main products are OpenVPX compliant and aligned to SOSA. Other form factors such as PCIe, CompactPCI (Serial) and AdvancedTCA can be discussed.


European based manufacturing of COTS and custom boards and assemblies. Our manufacturing is compliant to the highest standards and products are designed for longevity. We offer Product Life-Cycle Management services.

Prototyping and M-COTS

Our broad range of reusable hardware libraries, from schematic symbols to completed sections of board layout, accelerate prototyping. COTS technology is powerful, especially with standards compliant products. However, often the COTS solution is about to be the perfect solution, but is just missing one simple but important feature for the customer. For those scenarios, we have broad experience with low-risk, cost-efficient modifications and provide the customer with a fully compliant M-COTS solution.

System Integration‚Äč

For sensor processing systems, the variety of I/O interface types is countless. Our knowhow and experience with FPGA based systems brings the right added value to system integrators who are dealing with a mix of digital and analog I/O. Additionally, FPGA/SOC carrier boards with FMC/XMC attached to it can be seen as small systems on their own. We provide integration services and deliver OpenVPX FMC assemblies where 3rd party or customer FMCs are integrated into a single FRU/LRU.

Design services and consultancy

Our team offers various design services; from developing fully custom VPX boards to creating automated test software applications for integrated systems. And if you need another set of eyes to review your product compliance, we are here to help.

Intellectual Property

We offer licensable IP for all types of technology. We can support offset production and facilitate transfer of production of hardware. It is possible to license verified and validated portions of a product, for example a subsection of a board design, to allow customers to design their own M-COTS solution based on proven technology. We also offer a source available bare-metal VITA 46.11 Tier 3 IPMC core and debug/test utilities.