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Software Designs

C/Python libraries, frameworks and applications.
Hybrid DSP Software Designs


All products are delivered with a Board Support Package (BSP) containing a software reference design. The reference designs are coded in Python and C. Standard IDE’s are supported such as Visual Studio Code and NetBeans.

The software designs are well structured and consist of layers of drivers, libraries, frameworks and applications. This allows customers to utilize the functionality they require. Various software components implement unit testing and CI/CD pipelines in GIT.

Customers get a full BSP which includes software and RTL reference designs, programming files, executables and source code. Quick start guides help customers to get started quickly and accelerate their development.

Hybrid DSP also offers custom developments; from data processing, to fully automated test designs controlling test equipment in combination with the unit under test.
Software designs are delivered with documentation.

Hybrid DSP Software Designs overview


Main Features

  • Reference designs in C and Python
  • Default supported operating systems are Linux and Windows
  • RTOS on request
  • Drivers/libraries to communicate with FPGA host interfaces
    • PCIe (Linux only)
    • 10Gb Ethernet
    • COM port/UART using a Hybrid DSP packet based protocol
  • Reference software configuring FPGA peripherals and sending/receiving data
  • Optional features
    • FFT processing for SDR and digitizer technology
    • VISA libraries to control test equipment for ATE


  • Documentation
  • Source code and executables
  • Delivery methods such as a GIT customer facing repository or a .zip/.rar archive on (S)FTP or DVD

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