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Tier-3 IPMC

A readily maintainable and customizable IPMC implementation with VITA 46.11 Tier 3 support for 3rd party board developments.
Hybrid DSP Tier-3 IPMC


The VITA 46.11-2022 software IP core implements all requirements defined for a Tier 3 IPMC. Typical target platforms of this software core are OpenVPX and SOSA aligned payload modules which interface to a Chassis Manager through the IPMB interfaces on the backplane.
The bare-metal C implementation is lightweight and supports various microcontroller architectures such as ARM, PIC32 and RISC-V. Functions that make use of dedicated microcontroller peripherals are provided as part of reference designs, for example the I2C controller of the Microchip SAMV71 or the PIC32MM. Other microcontroller designs can be made available on request.
The IP core is delivered with an FRU (Field Replaceable Unit) and an SDR (Sensor Data Record) compiler utility. The SDR compiler takes sensor values and thresholds provided by the customer using the delivered SDR excel template. It generates required SDR data to be uploaded to the flash of the IPMC. Different output formats are available supporting standard file formats such as .hex and .bin, suitable for automated programming during board production.
Hybrid DSP provides support with integration or can fully implement customers board management and IPMC functionality.

Hybrid DSP Tier-3 IPMC Overview
Hybrid DSP Tier-3 IPMC Board
Hybrid DSP Tier-3 IPMC Board 2

Main Features

  • VITA 46.11-2022 Tier 3 compliant IPMC software core
  • Up to Tier 3 in alignment with SOSA Technical Standard
  • Redundant IPMB interface
  • Lightweight bare-metal C implementation, portable to RTOS
  • Source code available
  • Developed inhouse by Hybrid DSP in the Netherlands
  • SDR and FRU compiler utilities
  • Reference designs for easy customer integration
  • Free evaluation designs available
  • Extensive documentation including Quick Start Guides
  • Deliverables through GIT or a secured file transfer

Technical Specifications

Included deliverables 

  • VITA 46.11 IPMC libraries or source code
  • Reference design
  • SDR converter utility with templates
  • FRU compiler with templates
  • Documentation
  • Provided as archive via secured file transfer, or customer facing private GIT repository for optimized version control (Clone, Fetch, Pull, Push)

Reference designs

  • Free evaluation designs available for:
    • Microchip ATSAMV71-XULT, ARM
    • Microchip DM320107, PIC32
  • Including benchmarking/profiling results
  • Command Line Interface (CLI) through UART
  • Redundant IPMB connection to Chassis Manager
  • GA and NVMRO pin settings can be configured through CLI
  • Threshold sensor values can be emulated through CLI to test event generation
  • Quick Start Guide providing instructions to connect to Chassis Manager and get started with the software
  • Ipmitool docker image with example use cases
  • Custom BMC and IPMI reference and production designs available on request

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