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VITA 46.11 Compliance Test Software

Perform compliance verification with automated software for every new product you design.
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The VITA 46.11 Compliance Test Software assists board vendors and system integrators in verifying compliance with the broad set of VITA 46.11 commands and rules.
VITA 46.11 is a comprehensive standard (~300 pages) and leverages the even more comprehensive IPMI specification (>400 pages). The SOSA Technical Standard requires vendors to support VITA 46.11-2022 Tier-3 implementations. Additionally, risk management initiatives such as “Software Bill of Materials-based supply chain” and “deliver uncompromised” are forcing manufacturers to invest in compliant IPMC software implementations.

Hybrid DSP has an, inhouse developed, VITA 46.11-2022 Compliance Verificaton Test software that supports customers with a plug-and-play verification solution that runs on standard lab PCs. And most important: each new product is tested in a consistent way.

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Main Features

  • Verify VITA 46.11 Commands Compliance of your product
  • Verify VITA 46.11 Rules Compliance of your product
  • Supports testing of Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 IPMCs
  • Compatible with ipmitool and RMCP
  • Can be used for any type of VITA 46.11 IPMC
  • Payload cards, SBCs, switches, power supplies etc
  • Connecting through 3rd party Chassis Manager or Hybrid DSP Mock Chassis Manager
  • Generates PDF report and parseable text/log files

Technical Specifications

Included deliverables 

  • Windows Executable
  • Optional: Linux Executable
  • Example report

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