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V3UADC01P4 8CH 250MSPS Digitizer

3U OpenVPX Monolithic Digitizer with AMD UltraScale™ FPGA processor. Eight analog inputs provide 14-bit ADCs running at 250MSPS.
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The 3U V3UADC01P is a member of Hybrid DSP’s XU01P 1156 Core Series of mid-range, cost effective, rugged processing boards based on the AMD Kintex UltraScale A1156 FPGA package, up to 8GB DDR4 and an ARM-based Board Management Controller (BMC).

The V3UADC01P is available with a range of build options for OpenVPX air and conduction cooled based systems as well as those aligned with the SOSA Technical Standard. Features include eight ADC channels running at up to 250Msps with coax on either the front panel or optionally VITA 67 coax blind mate connectors on the backplane. The board supports external and internal trigger and clock sources.

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Main features

• AMD UltraScaleTM FPGA processor

• Data & expansion planes for high-speed protocols

• Wide range of OpenVPX slot profiles

• Up to 8GB DDR4 ECC memory

• Analogue-to-Digital Convertor

• 8-channels 250Msps 14-bit ADC

• Air or conduction cooled

• Designed and made in the Netherlands

• Long-term Availability and Security Assured

Technical specifications

Main Processor and Memory

• AMD Kintex UltraScaleTM A1156 FPGA XCKU035, XCKU040, XCKU060, XCKU095, XQKU040, XQKU060, XQKU095

• DDR4 4GB or 8GB with ECC

Board Management

• Voltage and temperature monitor

• Power/reset control

• Tier-2 VITA 46.11 IPMI

Backplane Architecture (3U)

• Up to 16 serial transceiver lanes on VPX P1 (PCIeGen3, Aurora, Ethernet, RapidIO etc)

• Up to 35 LVDS on VPX P2

• VITA 65.0 and SOSA aligned slot profiles

• VITA 67 Coaxial options

Analogue Front-End

• 8-channels 250Msps 14-bit ADC

• ENOB 10.8 bit, SFDR 84dBc


• 3U VPX COTS and Custom air- and conductioncooled compatible heat-frame

• OpenVPX and VPX-REDI

• Pitch: 1” and 0.8”

Board Support Package

• Vivado project, VHDL based reference designs, UART and PCIe drivers, API, Python and C/C++ sample Applications


• OpenVPX System Specification encompasses VITA 46.0, 46.3, 46.4, 46.6, 46.7, 46.9, 46.11

• Compatible with VITA 65 and SOSA aligned systems

• VITA 47.0

• VITA 48.0/48.1/48.2 (REDI) VITA 47.0 Construction, Safety and Quality

• Environmental Class: EAC1, EAC6, ECC1 and ECC3 (-40°C to +70°C operating temperature range)

• IPC-A-610D Class 3 and IPC-A-600G Class 3• Conformal Coating: IPC-CC-830B

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