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V3UFT101P4 5.4GSPS Low-Latency ADC/DAC

3U OpenVPX ADC/DAC with AMD UltraScale™ FPGA processor. Low-latency Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM).
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The 3U VPX V3UFT101P is a member of Hybrid DSP’s XU01P 1156 Core Series of mid-range, cost effective, rugged processing boards based on the AMD Kintex UltraScaleTM A1156 FPGA package, up to 8GB DDR4 and an ARM-based Board Management Controller (BMC).  

The V3UFT101P offers a pre-integrated solution of a V3UFMC01P 3U VPX carrier board with the Logic-X LDX30K0 wide bandwidth, low-latency AD/DA FMC. A sample rate of 5.4Gsps coupled with an LVDS interface to the FPGA offers an extremely low-latency solution ideally suited for EW and radar applications.

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Main features

  • 3U VPX FPGA FMC Carrier aligned with the SOSA Technical Standard 
  • AMD® UltraScale™ FPGA processor 
  • ADC 5.4Gsps 12-bits, 0.5 to 4800 MHz BW, 7.2 ns latency
  • DAC 5.4Gsps 12-bits, 0.5 to 6000 MHz BW, 1.2 ns latency
  • Data & expansion planes for high-speed protocols 
  • Up to 8GB DDR4 ECC memory 
  • Air or conduction cooled
  • Designed and made in the Netherlands
  • Long-term Availability and Security Assured

Technical specifications

Main Processor and Memory

  • AMD Kintex UltraScaleTM A1156 FPGA XCKU035, XCKU040, XCKU060, XCKU095, XQKU040, XQKU060, XQKU095
  • DDR4 4GB or 8GB with ECC

Board Management

  • Voltage and temperature monitor
  • Power/reset control
  • Tier-3 VITA 46.11 IPMI

Backplane Architecture (3U)

  • Up to 16 serial transceiver lanes on VPX P1 (PCIe Gen3, Aurora, Ethernet, RapidIO etc)
  • Up to 35 LVDS on VPX P2
  • VITA 65.0 and SOSA aligned slot profiles
  • VITA 66/67 Optical and Coaxial options

Front Panel I/O

  • ADC 5.4Gsps 12-bits, 0.5 to 4800 MHz BW, 7.2 ns latency
  • DAC 5.4Gsps 12-bits, 0.5 to 6000 MHz BW, 1.2 ns latency


  • 3U VPX COTS and Custom air- and conduction-cooled (FMC+) compatible heat-frame
  • OpenVPX and VPX-REDI
  • Pitch: 1” and 0.8”

Board Support Package

  • Vivado project, VHDL based reference designs, UART and PCIe drivers, API, Python and C/C++ sample applications


  • OpenVPX System Specification encompasses VITA 46.0, 46.3, 46.4, 46.6, 46.7, 46.9, 46.11
  • Compatible with VITA 65 and SOSA aligned systems
  • VITA 47.0
  • VITA 48.0/48.1/48.2 (REDI)
  • VITA 57.4

VITA 47.0 Construction, Safety and Quality

  • Environmental Class: EAC1, EAC6, ECC1 and ECC3  
  • (-40°C to +70°C operating temperature range)
  • IPC-A-610D Class 3 and IPC-A-600G Class 3
  • Conformal Coating: IPC-CC-830B

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